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Welcome to Red Star Personnel Ltd

Redstar Personnel Ltd is a national workforce services company with a passion for providing outstanding service, top workers and an ongoing commitment to the community and to safety.
Hard working, reliable and motivated staff from the UK and EU.
Temporary or Permanent. One day or one year.
We will provide you with a first class recruitment solution that will suit your needs.

350 Hard workers
75 Happy clients
24/7 Hours Of Support
38 Positions available

What do you need to accomplish today?

In today's competitive environment, scalability is the key.
Red Star provides sophisticated recruitment solutions
that allow you to grow your business the right way.

Right person for the right roles

Our highly valued networking skills have gained us
a wide portfolio of contacts and industry networks,
giving us the pick of the best talent for your recruitment needs.

Flexible contracts

Red Star Personnel can provide you with
the right service to suit your business.
We can provide temporary workers for one
day or for as long as you need them,
as well as temporary or permanent contracts.

Jobs available

We are currently hiring for the following positions: