Red Star Personnel

Red Star Methodology: 8 steps to success

  1. Listening to your needs
    We will spend time with you and discuss your requirements to establish the key factors that will influence your choice of candidates.
  2. Identification of appropriate candidates
    We will use executive search, advertised selection and contingency methods in order to reach the best candidates quickly and effectively.
  3. Response handling
    We will handle all applications via telephone, email or post and shortlist the most suitable candidates.
  4. Job interview: logistics and accommodation
    All logistics will be arranged and a full post interview debrief will take place with both client and candidate. If your prospective employees are coming from the European countries we will take full responsibility for the workers travel and accommodation expenses to and within the UK.
  5. Job offer: employer confirmation
    As soon as we have received a letter confirming the start date, exact address and length of the contract, we will then manage the rest of the job offer procedures and continue to maintain close contact with the employees.
  6. Legal issues: don't worry, it's all covered
    We will register our employees with HMRC and DWP, all employees and employers income taxes and national insurance contributions are paid for by us.
  7. Temporary and Permanent Recruitment
    Red Star specialises in offering dynamic recruitment solutions for your constantly changing workplace demands. Whether you need one top-notch temporary employee for a week or hundred for several months, we can fulfill your needs with top workers at a surprisingly short notice.
    Our Permanent Placement program can provide the regular, full-time employee for a highly productive work relationship. We offer a full complement of services - extensive candidate searches, in-depth interviews, complete behavioral and skills assessments, and presentations of the most fully qualified candidates.
  8. On going monitoring and aftercare
    We will review progress with both client and candidate to ensure the ideal recruitment outcome is delivered. Keeping you updated and meeting your needs is our priority.